Spin Ventures & One Ocean Foundation launch Ocean Street.

One Ocean Foundation and Spin Ventures Partner to Promote Reclamation and Reuse of Ocean Plastic for Sustainable Urban Architecture

London, UK – One Ocean Foundation and Spin Ventures are proud to announce a strategic partnership to promote the reclamation and reuse of ocean-bound plastic and abandoned fishing nets as regenerative materials for urban architecture in more sustainable cities across the world.

This groundbreaking partnership brings together One Ocean Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the ocean, and Spin Ventures, an ecosystem of companies on a mission to accelerate circularity in the consumer sector. Together, they will work with portfolio companies SUPERNOVAS, Waste or Wonder, and Wasted APP and others to design, develop and implement innovative solutions for reducing ocean plastic pollution and creating more sustainable urban environments.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050 if current trends continue. The use of ocean-bound plastic and abandoned fishing nets as regenerative materials for urban architecture represents a significant opportunity to reduce ocean plastic pollution and create more sustainable cities.

The partnership is also expected to have a significant economic and financial impact. According to a study by McKinsey & Company, the circular economy, which promotes the reuse and recycling of materials, could add $1 trillion to the global economy by 2025. The use of ocean-bound plastic and abandoned fishing nets as regenerative materials for urban architecture is a key aspect of the circular economy and could contribute to this growth.

As the first tangible, positive, measurable result of this partnership, One Ocean Foundation and SUPERNOVAS have joined forces to launch the “Ocean Street” in Milan. The initiative involves the transformation of 2,400 kilograms of abandoned and reclaimed fishing nets from the northern sea into 80 3D printed flower pots that have been laid in one of the world’s most fashionable districts: Via Gesu in Milan. This is the first street in the world to use 3D printing technology and regenerative materials in this way and serves as an inspiring example of the positive impact that can be achieved through innovative technology and concrete actions towards a more sustainable planet.

Nic Gorini, Managing Partner of Spin Ventures, commented: “We are humbled and inspired to have met such an inspiring group of individuals who have given all the inhabitants of Via Gesu, the fashion district, the cities of Milan and Italy as a whole, the opportunity to speak with action and lead by example in the ever-most important journey to a more sustainable planet. If ten cities, in ten nation, were to repeat this for tens of their streets…we would have removed a little percentage of the plastic in the ocean.”

The One Ocean Foundation and Spin Ventures partnership represents a significant step forward in the fight against ocean plastic pollution and the creation of more sustainable cities. We invite you to reach out to Nic Gorini for more information and to learn more about the “Ocean Street Initiative” in Milan. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for our oceans and our cities.